Crisis Commander Ltd is a privately owned Swedish company and the developer of the award-winning, cloud based, Crisis & Incident Management Software – Crisis Commander.

Crisis Commander software is currently used by over 250 organisations in 40 countries across the globe, and has been used in major disasters such as:

  • Myanmar Cyclone ’08
  • London Subway Bombing
  • Asian Tsunami
  • Hurricane Katrina

Most recently, airlines and airports throughout Europe utilised Crisis Commander to help cope with the Icelandic volcano eruption.

In addition to the major incidents above, Crisis Commander has been in continuous use since 2003, playing a pivotal role in the successful management of countless minor incidents and exercises.

Over the years the Crisis Commander Professional Services Team have trained 100’s of companies in Crisis & Incident Management and can also provide the necessary skills to assist in the development of your contingency plans.

In 2006, we were number 4 in the list of fastest growing technology companies and we were named technology rising star by Deloitte – Sweden and the Swedish Venture Capital Association.